Mike Thompson Watch

Water Quality Acts
(March 8, 2007)

Northern California's 1st Congressional District representative Mike Thompson voted Yes on H.R. 720, the Water Quality Financing Act of 2007, and H.R. 569, the Water Quality Investment Act of 2007.

H.R. 569 gives the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) $1.5 billion over 5 years for grants to states and municipalities for sewer overflow control. It passed 367 to 58 with 8 members not voting (there's some money for every congressional district).

H.R. 720 proviced $14 billion in loan guarantees that can be used to finance water and sewer system improvements. It passed with 303 Yes votes, 108 No votes and 22 not voting.

The bills need to be passed by the Senate and signed by the President in order to become law.

-- William P. Meyers

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