Mike Thompson Watch

Peace Protests Pester Thompson
(February 12, 2007)

The end of January saw hundreds of people demonstrating locally in Eureka and Fr. Bragg, thousands in regional centers like San Francisco and hundreds of thousands in Washington. DC.

"Local forces have dug in against Rep. Mike Thompson, whose level of urgency over the issues of war and impeachment remains unacceptable – however sincere his anti-war efforts," said peace activist Paul Encimer. Every Monday a dozen or more activists appear at Thompson’s offices in Fort Bragg and Eureka with the message that Thompson must act appropriately to the state of emergency caused by the war in Iraq.

Meanwhile protestors led by Kathy Kelly and the Occupation Project in DC, and including Codepink, Vets for Peace and other cutting edge groups, have launched a campaign of sustained nonviolent civil disobedience for February and March to remind Congress that it has the constitutional power to remove this out of control, criminal President and his cronies.

"Locally we can continue to parallel the various national campaigns which will peak during the week of March 16 to 19. Several organizations – Declaration of Peace and World Can’t Wait – will stage campaigns involving civil disobedience in the Halls of Congress. ANSWER has its eye apparently on the Pentagon in that same time period. It looks like every nook and cranny of the nation will ring with activity during this upcoming historic week in March," according to Encimer.

-- William P. Meyers