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Mike Thompson Sanctions Israeli Aggression

(January 11, 2009)

California Congressman Mike Thompson voted for House Resolution 34, which endorses the Israeli invasion of the Gaza concentration camp for Palestinians expelled from Israel. See Text of H. Res. 34. As with all U.S. propaganda about Palestine, the Resolution turns history, facts, and ethics upside down.

All humans should have equal rights, including the right to safe possession of their private property. Starting in 1948, coincident with the creation of the State of Israel, large numbers of Palestinians had their private property - their land and possessions - seized by both individual Israelis and the government of Israel. This plan was put in place largely to appease the government of West Germany, recently consisting of Nazis but in 1948 considered a key ally of the capitalist states against Soviet Russia (the U.S.S.R.) and her allies. Rather than giving German, Polish and other European Jews compensation in Europe for their sufferings during the Holocaust, they were herded into Palestine and illegally seized most of Palestine by force, using weapons provided by European and American Jewish donors. Later the burden of arming Israel was placed on the backs of U.S. tax payers.

Hamas is an Islamic organization that was founded as a reaction to the terrorist State of Israel and the corruption of the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization). It has opposed corruption, violence, and economic inequality. As a result it won elections and, in a democracy, would have become the representatives of the Palestinian people. The United States and the State of Israel then completed the corruption of the PLO by arming them and creating what can only be called an Israeli puppet government in Palestine. This PLO mock government has been assigned the task of legitimizing the Israeli conquests and genocide. This is called the "peace process."

Those who object to Hamas being a religious organization should keep in mind that the State of Israel is based on the principle of religious intolerance; it is a Jewish state. [disclaimer: I am secular.]

All Hamas (and Palestinian) military actions against Israel should be considered legitimate acts of self defense. It should be kept in mind that almost the entire population of Israel (except the Palestinians who still live there) are soldiers. Both sexes are required to go through military training, and everyone is effectively in the reserve forces or former military. The only true civilians in Israel are Arabs and children too young to be sent to military training.

Only a fair and equitable solution that returns all stolen private property to its Palestinian former owners can be the basis of a just peace. I personally believe the Palestinians should allow the European Jews to stay in Palestine, but only on the basis of just compensation and a government that is democratic and tolerant of all religions and secular individuals.

Mike Thompson has brought shame on America. His approach is consistent. He has never apologized for participating in the war crime known as the War in Vietnam, nor has he ever showed any concern for the theft of the land, and war crimes against, native California Indians.

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Mike Thompson is the current elected member of the United States House of Representatives for California's 1st Congressional District.