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Congress members are not watched very closely by the public, by the news media, or even by "watchdog" groups, which usually focus on a single issue. All too often newspapers rely almost exclusively on press releases sent out by office holders; rarely is there indpendent coverage that gives the public a fuller and insightful view of what is really going on. This seems to be particularly true in the 1st Congressional District of California.

I hope to change that one congressional district at a time, starting with the one I live in, the 1st Congressional District of California, which every two years goes through the ritual of electing Mike Thompson to the U.S. House of Representatives.

But what does Mike do there? This site will allow you to find out, revealing breaking news and his record.

William P. Meyers

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(please note that this site reports facts, but also includes my opinions and opinion pieces by others; the distinction should be clear from the context)