"salus populi est suprema lex,"
the prosperity of the people is the supreme law

November 7, 2006 California Elections

William P. Meyers recommends:

Critical Votes: Yes on Y; Yes on 89; No on 90


Governor: Peter Camejo. Peter will do his best to protect the environment, move us to a fair tax system, and ensure the prosperity of working people.

Lt. Governor: Donna Warren. She gave one of the best speaches I have ever heard.

Secretary of State: Forrest Hill. Forrest is an amazing guy, smart, ethical, and dedicated to fixing our broken system.

Controller: Laura Wells. Laura is an environmentalist and social activist who also is an expert in accounting for money.

Treasurer: Mehul Thakker. Mehul will help Peter prioritize state finances to protect the environment and assure social justice.

Attorney General: Mike Wyman. A lawyer you can like because he knows what is important is what the law should be, not what it is now.

Insurance Commissioner: Larry Cafiero. Larry has worked as a justice and peace activist for decades.

Senate: Todd Chretien. Todd has been in the forefront of opposing the wars against middle-eastern peoples. Don't vote for Dianne Feinstein, who is one of the chief architects of America's crimes against humanity and war crimes.

Local (to Point Arena, Mendocino County, and our legislative districts)

House of Representatives, District 1: Timothy J. Stock. The incumbent, Mike Thompson, represents vineyard owners, not the majority of the citizens. Timothy is far better qualified to replace Thompson than the Green Party candidate, Pam Elizondo.

California State Senator: 2nd District: No recommendation.

State Assembly, 1st District: Thomas T. Reed (libertarian). The incumbent, Patty Berg, is a useless machine dem.

District Attorney: Meredith Lintott. I would have voted for Norman Vroman if he hadn't died. Let's see whether Meridith will clean up the county, or just be part of the systemic corruption.

Sheriff-Coroner: Tom Allman. I don't like the deal that got his opponent appointed to be the incumbent.

Mendocino County Propositions


California Propositions:

1A, Transportation Funding Protection
. NO. We need more, not less, flexibility on the use of revenues from vehicle fuel taxes.

1B, Highway Safety ... Bond Act. NO. If it isn't important enough to spend it out of revenues, it isn't important enough to create more public debt for.

1C, Housing and Emergency Shelter Trust Fund Act. NO. If it isn't important enough to spend it out of revenues, it isn't important enough to create more public debt for.

1D, Kindergarten-University Public Education Facilities Bond Act. NO. While I support public education, there is no crying need to sell more CA facilities bonds. Local districts can sell bonds if they need them.

1E, Disaster Preparedness Bond Act. NO. Local projects should be funded locally; just stop building in flood plains.

83 Sex Offenders Statute. NO. I think tweaking the current laws in this area should be handled by the state legistlature or local governments, not by this initiative measure.

84 Water Quality ... Park Improvement Bonds. NO. I'm very pro-environment, but big bond issues lead to waste. If it isn't important enough to come out of current revenues, it isn't worth more debt.

85 Waiting Period on Abortions. NO. Old enough to get pregnant, old enough to take on some personal responsibility and make a plan to have the baby or terminate the fetus.

86 Tax on Cigarettes Constitutional Amendment. YES. I don't smoke! Tax those other people!

87 Tax on Oil Producers. YES. I don't own an oil well! Tax those other people!

88 Education Real Property Parcel Tax Constitutional Amendment. NO. This is really stupid. Local school districts have differing needs. They should decide how to spend their money, not this law.

89 Political Campaign Public Financing. YES. This is a good law that would lessen the hold of special interest groups on the electoral process. See YesOn89

90 Acquisition, Regulation of Private Property Constitutional Amendment. NO. While I don't like using eminent domain to take private property to give to private developers, this amendment goes way beyond that. It is likely to prevent government from being able to carry out its ordinary and important responsibilities such as regulating land use through zoning laws.