"salus populi est suprema lex,"
the prosperity of the people is the supreme law

Public School Education

On No Child Left Behind:

Public Schools Board Diary 1 [November 29, 2006]

Accountability Tales I [May 20, 2007]

coming eventually (maybe): a report on turning around a public school district
(as I write the sections, links to them will appear here)

Every mess is different: the importance of local governance

Point Arena School District in 2000: a particular mess

The Ed Code says you can't fix it!

Discipline and Respect

Expectations for all students

Parents of all sorts

Differentiated Learning and other tricks

Emphasizing Reading, Writing and Arithmetic

An Inclusive Curriculum

Testing: the Real Deal

The Teachers and Their Union

Health, Sports, and Nutrition


On Private and Charter schools

Taxes and Budgets

Democracy and Excellence

Sacramento and D.C.

Closing Remarks